In Prague

In Prague

Czech people are not racists

Czech people are not racists

A male model Alpha Dia was in a shock – it was his own reaction to the racisism which showed some people after his making a model in the Lidl’s leaflet. He can also imagine that because of this...
EUR or CZK - Payment in Euro or Czech currency?

EUR or CZK – Payment in Euro or Czech currency?

The official Czech currency of the Czech Republic is named the Czech crown, its abbreviation is Kč and its international equivalent is CZK. One crown consists of one hundred hellers (which are abbreviated as hal). However, hellers have ceased...
Magic World of Movies from Karel Zeman

Magic World of Movies for Kids from Karel Zeman

Karel Zeman was a great Czech film maker, animator and pioneer to the movie tricks and animation. His influence on the nowadays film makers is still evident and he stays the pioneers of Czech trick films. Visitors can even try...
Prague Shopping centres

Shopping in Prague and Prague Shopping centres

Prague Shopping Malls and Prague Shopping Centres are very favourite one and they started to operate in the mid 1990´s. The larger were opened in the early 2000´s. The quality and quantity of products has improved since the early...
Prague bridges list

Prague bridges list

There is not only Charles Bridge in Prague but also other interesting and important Prague bridges. There is for example Čechův Bridge which bears the name of famous Czech writer Svatopluk Čech who lived in the 19th century. Prague bridges...
Where to stay in Prague

TOP list – Where to stay in Prague and enjoy it here

Where to stay in Prague and enjoy it here? When staying in Prague you should be aware of different districts, for example Prague 1 is the heart of the historic sights and tourists (Old Town Square and the Prague...
Prague Astronomical clock history

Prague Astronomical clock history

Prague astronomical clock or Prague orloj belongs to the Prague’s five top sights. It stands for the medieval astronomical clock which was installed in 1410 and thus it was the third-oldest astronomical clock in the whole world and stays...
Public transportation Prague

Public transportation Prague – tickets

Public transportation Prague tickets and passes are very easy to buy. For the single-trip tickets there are used two types of them: thirty minute tickets to buy for 24 CZK (adults for 24 CZK, children 6-15 12 CZK, children...

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