In Prague

In Prague

Come and join our delicious Wine tour Prague

Wine tour Prague – walking tour

Even though Prague is often linked to bear which is world-famous, this is Wine tour Prague which used to be often seen in Prague during medieval times. You will learn about the laws vine-growers who had to obey the rules...
Starbucks in Prague

Sit down and enjoy your cup with Starbucks in Prague

Visit Starbucks in Prague. Starbucks is in existence since 1971 and it is world-famous for its finest Arabica coffee. The coffee cherries are picked when they are red and ripe. Starbucks buy the beans which grow at higher altitudes...
Weather in Prague – sometimes the weather plays an interesting game with us

Weather in Prague – sometimes the weather plays an interesting game with us

Prague is one of the most popular places to visit in middle of Europe. Hundreds of thousands of tourists pays the visit every year to admire phenomenal city in heart of Europe, offering a mix of history, modern culture,...
St. Nicholas Church No.2 and Nerudova Street

St. Nicholas Church No.2 and Nerudova Street

Church of St Nicholas in the Lesser Town is a perfect example of Bohemian Baroque architecture. It lies in the Lesser Town Square, at the bottom of the famous Nerudova Street, which leads right up to the Castle. Originally, there...
Hot or cold? What´s the best time to visit Prague

Hot or cold? What´s the best time to visit Prague

Czech capital city Prague is one of the most favorite places in middle Europe and it´s very attractive to many foreign tourists from all around the world. You may visit this city several times and it will be always...
Magic World of Movies from Karel Zeman

Magic World of Movies for Kids from Karel Zeman

Karel Zeman was a great Czech film maker, animator and pioneer to the movie tricks and animation. His influence on the nowadays film makers is still evident and he stays the pioneers of Czech trick films. Visitors can even try...
Public transportation Prague

Public transportation Prague – tickets

Public transportation Prague tickets and passes are very easy to buy. For the single-trip tickets there are used two types of them: thirty minute tickets to buy for 24 CZK (adults for 24 CZK, children 6-15 12 CZK, children...
Prague ZOO Tripadvisor

Prague ZOO Tripadvisor TOP No.4 Worldwide ZOO

Prague Zoo Tripadvisor No.4 Worldwide ZOO was opened in 1931 to study the zoology, wildlife and to educate the public. However, the history goes back to 1881 when on the event of the wedding of Crown Prince Rudolf and...

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