There is not only Charles Bridge in Prague but also other interesting and important Prague bridges. There is for example Čechův Bridge which bears the name of famous Czech writer Svatopluk Čech who lived in the 19th century.

Prague bridges list No.1: Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge Prague is world famous bridge which forms the connection between both banks of the Vltava River. The bridge started to be built in 1357 during the reign of the Czech king and the Roman emperor Charles IV; however, it was finished in the 15th century. The bridge should replace the older Judith Bridge from the 12th century that was badly damaged by a flood in 1342. Original name of the new bridge was the Stone Bridge or the Prague Bridge but since 1870 it bore the name of its founder.

There is not only Charles Bridge in Prague but also other interesting and important Prague bridges.

Prague bridges list – Čechův Bridge

This is the shortest one on the Vltava River in Prague and its name is derived by well-known writer and journalist Svatopluk Čech who wrote a satirical novel series The Excursions of Mr Broucek which became the basis for Leoš Janáček’s opera.

Other Prague bridges:Legion Bridge

The Legion Bridge or Most Legií in Czech is the granite construction between the national pride the National Theatre and Újezd. Crossing the bridge you can walk to Střelecký Island which is located in the centre of the Vltava River at this place.

Mánes Bridge

This bridge makes the connection between Aleš Embankement and Rudolfinum with Lesser Quarter. The bridge is named after the world-famous Czech painter Josef Mánes (the most prominent representatives of Czech romanticism and the painter of images of the twelve months which are to be seen at the Prague Astronomical Clock).

Other Prague bridges

The railway bridge at Výtoň is commonly named the Vyšehrad Bridge and is used for trains as well as for the pedestrians. Jirásek Bridge was constructed to link Jirásek Square in the New Town with Dientzenhofer Garden in Smíchov. Palacký Bridge is quite old as it was built about 150 years ago.