Activities in Prague

Activities in Prague

Traditional Czech meals

Try Traditional Czech meals

When somebody says traditional Czech meal, everyone probably imagines something different – it always depends on place of the Czech Republic he comes from. But we all always think of those at first: DRŠŤKOVÁ POLÉVKA It´s a soup, but not very...
Prague Pride 2016

Prague Pride 2016 – It´s normal

Prague is the centre of cultural, political, and economial life. And of the cultural and social events is definitely Prague Pride. This name stands for the parade of people who are homosexuals, transsexuals, and bisexuals. They call for freedom,...
Fly away with Hangar Bar Prague

Fly away with Hangar Bar Prague

In Hangar bar Prague the emphasis is put on the unbridledness of the pilots of this time which is linked with the relaxation after very demanding and risky flights. For this reason you will find wild atmosphere and show that...
The restaurant Svetluska – In the Dark

The Coffe “Potmě” from Svetluska – In the Dark

The Coffee "Potmě" from Svetluska is now opened before the Palladium till the end of June 2016 (23rd of June 2016). Experience the world of people who are blind. You can experience on your own how these people cooperate with...
Read our Top 10 things to do in Prague List

Read our Top 10 things to do in Prague List

Which top 10 things to do in Prague are to be done in the Capitol city of Czech Republic? There are plenty of different things to do in Prague. But which ones are the best? Here is the list...
What to do in Prague? Read our TOP list

What to do in Prague? Read our TOP list

What to do in Prague? Prague is one of the most favorite places to visit by millions of tourists from all around the world. Are you considering, to go there too? But what to do during your trip? There...

Tax Free Shopping: Buy in Prague and let get back the tax

Global Blue Tax Free Shopping brings you savings on the purchases you make at over 270,000 stores across the world’s best shopping districts. You can join the 23 million travelers who shop thanks to Global Blue each year with...
Sparta Prague soccerway

AC Sparta Prague soccerway

AC Sparta Prague soccerway football team is a member of Association Club Sparta Prague. The club was based in Prague and belongs to the most successful ones in the Czech Republic and also in Central Europe, it was winning...

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