The PASKY company as the prominent producer of printed adhesive tapes and labels

Your company can have adhesive tapes with your unique logo or design

If you are interested in adhesive tape printing do not hesitate and contact us as we offer different sorts of printed adhesive tapes, labels, printed foils, cardboard and also different standard packaging material. The PASKY company belongs to the leaders in the Czech market and so it also offers the convenient prices.

The company PASKY OR TAPES has been for many years mainly the one of the prominent producers of the printed adhesive tapes and labels as well. However, this company is also the seller of many different kinds of covering packaging materials. The printing of adhesive tapes forms the prime field. The company PASKY is the manufacturer of printed BOPP adhesive tapes (BOPP), PVC adhesive tapes or even the paper or non-adhesive warning marking, demarcation tapes according to over five thousand clients who come from the Czech Republic and abroad too. Printed adhesive tapes stand for an excellent carrier of information and thus create the complete image of the PASKY company, serve for propagation but also protect the consignments from unauthorised opening or theft of the content.

Your company can have adhesive tapes with your unique logo or design. Be stylish and unique and let your business flourish. As the printed tapes will enable your company to be seen during a lot of public events or places. It can be also a beneficial mediator for awareness of your business.

In our webpage Online Calculator you can calculate without obligation and can choose from a wide range of our products, be it printed adhesive tapes (surface print BOPP), printed polypropylene adhesive tapes (sandwich BOPP), printed adhesive PVC tapes, printed adhesive paper tapes, warning marking printed tapes, printed self-adhesive perforated labels, printed self-adhesive labels, printed cardboards-printing of cardboards and boxes. We also prove useful accessories, like cardboard closers, adhesive tape decoilers or dispensers, decoilers for water-activated adhesive tapes, stretch foil decoilers, or a plastic bag sealer.

When you need small or medium amount, the standard surface print is just the best for you. The standard surface is appropriate if you send cardboard consignment which is not very heavy. The most of them is made of polypropylene foil which is high tack, firm. However, they are not recommended for high or very low temperatures. Be aware of the fact that unheated or non-air-conditioned warehouse will not stick very well.

The polypropylene tape with acrylate adhesive is seen as the standard in our republic and this is the most used printed tape. The adventage of this type of a tape is that it is more ecological than for example PVC foil with a natural rubber adhesive which is being often used in abroad.