Letna hill, Metronome Prague and Beer garden

Take great view of Prague and the Vltava River from Beer Garden

Letna Park was gradually based since 1860 at the place of former wine yards. In 1863 there began the restaurant and after that there started the terrain adaptations, building of roads and the outlook of Letna hills were significantly marked by making the monumental statue of J. V. Stalin when the large stairs were made and at the end there can be seen Metronome since 1991.

Take great view of Prague and the Vltava River from Beer Garden

Letna and Metronome instead of Stalin

At the Letna Hill there is a large Metronome on its top that you can see very clearly from in front of the Hotel Intercontinental at the end of Pařížská Street, or simply from the Dvořákovo nábřeží embankment.

Letna park: How to get there

To get to the top of Letna hill you have to cross the Čechův Bridge, the street and after that you have to climb the stairs which are in front of you. And why to do such a demanding climb? One reason is the great view of Prague and the Vltava River with all its wonderful bridges. Letna Park is large and popular with skateboarders, rollerblades or cyclists. Walking along the paths is the great opportunity for the weekend out, especially when you have a child or a dog with you. The child can have a great time on one of the playground.

To have a great time in Letna park

Letná Beer Garden is a perfect, green place where you can have a rest and enjoy the great surrounding which is beautiful full of great views of the Vltava River, Old Town. Letná Beer Garden is an extensive place with a lot of picnic tables and even a little playground for children which is situated just across from Letenský Zámeček (Letna Chateu). You can refresh yourself at the marvellous surrounding

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