Czech Republic is famous for many reasons and one of them is great beverage, for example local Czech Beer, wine, Becherovka, Slivovice and grog.

Local Czech Beer

The most sought-after Czech beverage is beer. Drinking beer in the Czech Republic is allowed for people over 18 also in public places. Beer can be bottled, pasteurised and non-pasteurised be it light, dark, lager or stout. Who loves sweeter beer; there is Czech dark beer for him. And the most famous brands are Pilsner Urquell, Krusovice, Bernard, Staropramen, Budweiser Budvar or Velvet.


Czech wine is usually made in Moravia and south-eastern parts of the Czech Republic. The typical Czech wines are Frankovka, Modry Portugal and Muller-Thurgau or Riesling. When there is winter, Czech love to have a glass of Hot wine or svařák which is very popular is many wineries, bars and in the street as well, during the Christmas markets. One of the traditional winery is named Blatnicka and has a tiny restaurant with traditional Czech cuisine.


Becherovka stands for the herbal liquor from Karlovy Vary which is traditional alcoholic drink made of secret plants and Becherovka is great for digestion and to have medical properties. This drink can be part of cocktails and mixed alcoholic drinks.


Slivovice is another alkoholic beverage which is made of plums. It differs according to the per cent of alcohol and the fruit from which it is made. The alcoholic drink is strong and clear unlike other herbal liquors and this is special for Moravia, mainly North-Eastern part of the Czech Republic.

Hot Grog

Grog is the alcoholic drink which is the mixture of hot water and rum, one teaspoon of brown sugar and one slice of lemon. Grog is very popular in the Czech Republic, mainly in the winter time.