Even though the city of Prague is really beautiful city and your safety is on a high level, there are some dangerous situations, travel scams, cheating in bars and events to be prepared for. One of them is cheating in bars and restaurants of Prague. Be aware of a girl who wants you to order quite expensive drinks for her.

You will get ahead of the unpleasant surprise

Cheating in bars: Girls can let you pay for them

Sometimes occurs that girls grab a man in a bar and take them to the other bar where they let them buy a drink (be it glasses of wine or cocktail) and after a while they only go away to make a phone call or a SMS. But this is obviously just an excuse for them because the girl will disappear. And the man it made to pay for her at a bar. Sometime the amount of money is quite large – up to several hundred crowns or more. And because the tourist season is just having start the per cent of cheating is being on the increase.

Who uses these cheating in bars of Prague?

However, these situations are quite rare there is always better to be accustomed with the situation in advance. It is advisable to be informed about the price of the ordered drinks or about the drink list. You will get ahead of the unpleasant surprise. These cheating are often used by citizens of Eastern Europe and by Russian people. Unfortunately they often use these tricks in Prague and other cities in Europe as they know that many visitors of this ancient city are credulous and naive.

If this is your case do not hesitate and inform the Police about the problem and refer about the cheating in the bar or a restaurant too.

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