In the nightmarish 1950s in Czechoslovakia the communists carried out purges as they were directed by Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin and they were the largest show trials in Eastern Europe.

The trial was directed according to the script

Before Milada Horakova trial

From 1949 to 1954 different types of people were executed – be it military leaders, Catholics, Jews, democratic politicians, people who had wartime connections to the West but to the surprise high-ranking Communists as well. There is evident that nearly 180 Czech citizens were executed and the dreadful process was famous for the defendants, branded guilty before the trial itself so to be rather a vicious game than the process. However, it should be said that some of them were rehabilitated during the 1960s.

Two most notable trials with Rudolf Slansky and Milada Horakova

Two most notable trials were with the Communist politician Rudolf Slánský (in 1952) and the only woman to be executed who ought to organize a plot to overthrow the Communist Milada Horakova (in 1950).

The trial with Milada Horakova

The trial began on 31st May 1950 and ought to be a show trial (something like Soviet Great Purges in the 1930s). The State’s prosecutors were Josef Urválek and Ludmila Brožová-Polednová. The trial was directed according to the script. But Milada Horáková stood firm and was able to defend herself and her believes. A lot of wealthy and powerful personalities all over the world declared her freedom, for example Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill or the wife of American president – Elenor Roosevelt. But the only effect was moving the date of here execution ahead of the date. What was even more terrible was that the trial was broadcasted on public radio. Milada Horáková was executed on charges of conspiracy and treason on 27th June 1950 in Prague.