Top 4 Highlights of Cesky Krumlov List

Cesky Krumlov is the real gem of South Bohemia

Long before the Vltava River runs through Prague, world-famous Golden City, it goes through the historical center of Český Krumlov. Its beauty and rich history make it the second most visited place in the Czech Republic, right after Prague. Through the ages, many important noble dynasties had their seat in Český Krumlov. Each of them added something of their spirit to the spirit of the city. To spend few days in there is a great idea and to leave Prague for some time is an option which should be considered by any of its visitors. Český Krumlov, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its surroundings will prepare many unforgettable experiences to all of them. These are some of the city´s highlights. 

No.1 for Highlights of Cesky Krumlov: The Castle

Impressive Český Krumlov Castle is the true landmark of the city. From outside, visitors have a chance to enjoy a magnificent view on the monumental castle which looks down on the Vltava River and on to people kayaking there. The history of the castle dates back to the first half of the 13th century but its today´s shape is the result of the 17th-century building activities. The interior of the castle is full of impressive rooms like royal apartments, the Chapel of St. George or famous Baroque theater and guided tour is the wonderful journey to the history. This is a must.

No.2 for Highlights of Cesky Krumlov: The Kleť Mountain

When you will feel that you have had enough of the sightseeing and listening lectures about history, well-marked hiking trail to the Kleť mountain is here for you. You will definitely enjoy the path to the peak but if you are not in a mood for sport, you can use chairlift. On the top, the 19th-century observation tower or an observatory are waiting for you. And don´t be confused by the small size of the observatory building, this place really is the home of one of the world´s top asteroid research groups.

No.3 for Highlights of Cesky Krumlov: The Minorite Monastery

The Minorite Monastery in Český Krumlov was founded in the 14th century and it is still used by the order of The Knights of the Cross with the Red Star. The building which contains all architecture elements from Gothic to Baroque is the stage for many concerts and recitals. To attend one is the great experience.

No.4 for Highlights of Cesky Krumlov:The St. Vitus Church

This 13th-century cathedral is the second most magnificent building in the city rivaled by the Český Krumlov castle only. It is no surprise that this monumental church was chosen by some of the most important nobility families of Bohemian history. Today, it is a place of worship as well as of concerts and other cultural events.


This was just a brief tasting of tasting of what Český Krumlov has to offer. UNESCO World Heritage site – the city center as a whole, interesting museums, nice cafés, parks… Cesky Krumlov is the real gem of South Bohemia.