Do you know where is Prague located? No?! Prague is a beautiful and ancient city. It is the capital of the Czech Republic. The city is the largest one of the Czech Republic and the fourteenth largest city in the EU. The city is also the historical capital of Bohemia. We can find it in the north-west of the republic and the city is situated on the Vltava River. Prague has about 1.3 million citizens (however the urban zone has about 2 million people).

Prague has been a political, cultural and also economic centre of central Europe

Where is Prague located?

Prague has been a political, cultural and also economic centre of central Europe. A modern public transportation system is able to connect the city with the other important towns and cities of the Czech Republic and Europe as well. To the most sought-after ways of transport belong going by car, plane, train, and bus.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The Czech Republic is said to be located at the heart of Europe that is the centre of the continent.

Where is Prague located from London?

The Czech Republic is European country which borders Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. From Prague there is a short distance to other west-European countries. Germany is the Czech Republic’s closest neighbouring country. (It is about 354 km far from Berlin.) The closest major cities include Dresden, Bautzen and Gorlitz. However, you are in 4 hours in Vienna, in 5 hours in Budapest or in Frankfurt when you go by car. It takes you about 9 hours when you go by car from Amsterdam or 1266 km from London.

So it is easy to get there from the other towns and cities of central Europe. Now you know where is Prague. Visit us on your trip and get tour with our guide 🙂 We are waiting for You in front of the Powder Tower or in our office in Kralodvorska street 5 (CITY BIKE)