What to do in Prague? Do you want to explore the capital of the Czech Republic very conveniently and yet really not traditionally? In this case you can hire E-tricycle. There are suitable for those who have fifteen or more. They are not very convenient for little children as you have to stand on them during the ride.

Rent your E-tricycles and get lured by the wonders of Prague while feeling the fresh air

Get to know the city in the inconvenient way with E-tricycles. When you have your parents with you and you are fifteen or more you can look forward to the unconventional way of getting to know Prague. This is cool, quick, and you will enjoy fun with your friends or family members.

What to do in Prague? To get to the touch to

There are many ways how to get around the city, however, they are traditional and could be boring. When you take a bus or a tram you are not able to feel free and to be as close to the national historical treasures, such as the Charles Bridge with its awesome view of Prague, or the Prague Castle which stands for the historical landmark and place of national pride for the Czech people (as it used to be the place for Czech kings and later for presidents). Those great symbols of national pride and beauty are just in touch for you who are riding E-tricycles. You can stop at the Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square and stay in the astonishment watching the parade of apostoles and symbols of life and death which remember the visitors and views the transience and the glory of human life.

What to do in Prague? Rent E-tricycles

Rent your E-tricycles and get lured by the wonders of Prague while feeling the fresh air and the unforgettable mood and the atmosphere of the ancient city with the modern spell. The traditions and culture united in here.


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