Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It lies in the north-west of Bohemia and its population is about 1,2 million citizens. It was the political, cultural and diplomatic centre for more than a thousand years.

What country is Prague in – Brief history of the city

Prague was based on the Vyšehrad Castle. There are legends about Princess Libuše who married a ploughman by the name of Přemysl and they founded the Přemyslid dynasty. She foresaw the fame of the city as she was the man who is chiselling the threshold /rah) for the house and the castle of the name Prague or Praha will be built in here. This dynasty ruled to Bohemia from 900 to 1306 (when the male line died out).

The dynasty of Luxembourge became the rulers of Bohemia

What country is Prague in – Charles IV and the dynasty of Luxembourg

The dynasty of Luxembourge became the rulers of Bohemia. The most famous is Charles IV. He founded the first university in central, northern and Eastern Europe which bears his name – the Charles University in 1348. At the same year he also founded New Town and he rebuilt the Prague Castle with Vysehrad too. Under his reign the stone bridge was built which later bore his name as well – Charles Bridge. As he was religious man, the construction of St. Vitus’ Cathedral begun too. Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire as Charles was crowned to the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in Rome. Prague flourished during his reign as he wanted it to be one of the most gorgeous cities in the whole world. And so the Czech lands became one of the most powerful in Europe.




What country is Prague in – The Habsburg dynasty

After these flourishing times the Hussite wars began and delayed the development of the Czech lands. They were heavily defeated at the battle of Lipany in 1343 and in 1437 the Luxembourg dynasty died out. Jagellon dynasty ruled only until 1526 to the death of Vladislav Jagellon and the next Bohemian king was Ferdinand Habsburg. They ruled till 1916.


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