Try Traditional Czech meals

When somebody says traditional Czech meal, everyone probably imagines something different

When somebody says traditional Czech meal, everyone probably imagines something different – it always depends on place of the Czech Republic he comes from. But we all always think of those at first:

It´s a soup, but not very favourite. Most of the Czech people don´t like it because it´s made from animal stomachs (usually chicken). It´s similar to a goulash soup – same color, similar taste, similar consistence. You can always try it, because this soup is really popular in the Czech Republic. Maybe you will love it!

Another typical soup especially made from garlic and spices. To make it better, Czech people usually cut the bread into small pieces (cubes), fry them and add to the hot soup. This one is definitely going to amaze you. And if you´re sick, this is the best way how to recover really quickly!

The last soup is also very famous. It´s made from potatoes, vegetable and many of us also add some dried mushrooms. The flavor is delicious. So is the smell. When you enter your house and your mother is cooking bramboračka, you can´t resist and must taste the soup. Every restaurant should have this soup on the menu.

Well THIS is the most famous meal for each Czech family. If something is popular with Czech people, it´s their sauces. Svíčková is officially name for the kind of beef meat that transferred to the name of the whole meal. Some other people say svíčková is the name only for the sauce because people used to eat it by the lighting candles. The truth is, nobody knows for sure if svíčková (name of the meal) refers to the meat or the sauce. But it´s not important, what matters is we love it. When you choose to cook it with the svíčková meat, here is the recipe:

First you have to cook the meat in the pot with carrot and parsley and then bake in the oven for some time. While baking the meat, you mix the vegetable, add some spices, a little vinegar and cream and the sauce is brought to life. The last part is to add the baked meat again and you can eat. We Czech people love to eat the sauce with whipped cream and cranberries and also special type of dumplings (made from buns, eggs and flour).

But because of the high price of svíčková meat, some people replace it with cheaper beef (or pork). This recipe is easier and faster, but never that tasty!

The taste of the sauce is sweet and sour and really delicious.

Pork, dumplings (the same as we eat with svíčková) and steamed sweat and sour cabbage. If you´re really hungry, this is the best choice for you. It looks good and tastes even better. We cook it either with red or white cabbage, sometimes both of them. Just try it and you´ll find out which kind you like more.

Pork knee with horseradish is as good for your recovery as česnečka. Horseradish is really healthy and when you combine it with pork and bread, you create a delicious meal. We usually choose this meal when we´re drinking beer because it goes well together.

We grate potatoes, add eggs and marjoram and make „potato pancakes“ that we fry. You can ask for sour cabbage and eat it together, it´s really tasty.

The last part belongs to desserts! The first one are the sweet buns usually filled with plum jam (which is also our specialty), curd or poppy. Especially our grandmas bake them. The second one is a pie with blueberries, cherries, red currant or black currant and so on. You can add almost everything and it always tastes good.

Just for you: “Trdelník” is not traditional Czech product.

And what we cannot forget? BEER! Order one with any of the main courses and you will be amazed. If we Czechs really have something to be proud of, it´s the beer. Bon appetite!