Prague encountered the terrible sight as the jeep in which bearded men who were dressed in military garb and traditional Middle Eastern attire rushed to the Old Town Square in Prague to coincide with the 48th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia on 21st August 1968.

To be more terrible…

To look more terrible they were shooting Kalashnikovs and they also chanted Allahu akbar. They had the flag of the Islamic State and in addition, they were playing their show even with a camel. However, there had to be said that the entire Islamic invasion to Prague was fake as their beards, guns were fake.

Who is responsible for this kind of game in Old Town Square?

Who is responsible for this kind of game? It is Martin Konvička who stands for the Czech politician who is the critic of Islam and the Islamic state as well. The aim of this deed was to show the residents in the capital of the Czech Republic what is going to happen every day only a few thousand kilometres far from the city of Prague. He pointed to the danger of penetration of the Islam to Central and also to Western part of Europe.

The panic on the Old Town Square Prague

There is no need to say that the fake invasion caused panic in the Old Town Square as this place is popular with tourist for many historical sights. Residents and also the visitors of Prague did not know what was going on and they were even convinced that the real attack and invasion is going to happen. Martin Konvička and his followers can be marked as the group of people who only get use of refugee wave to intimidation of local people to get to the politics and assure of a big amount of money.