Safety First !

When you want to get to know Prague even better, then it is time for Safety Segway tours in Prague. Because we belong to the authorised provider of Segway we are mindful of your safety.  Safety first!

Safety SegwayTherefore the appropriate training before the tour is taken for granted as well as the tour itself under the supervision of a fully qualified guide. Each of our clients will be equipped with a helmet. The helmet itself is very important for your safety because you can prevent a nasty accident and most importantly you can prevent the serious injury.

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There are plenty of reasons why to wear it. Although the client has a lot of experience, he or she is not able to influence their surroundings. There can be a distracted or restless cyclist, a child or a passer-by who can cause a serious accident even you are a safe driver.  You can be knocked down by one of these and even though you go to great lengths to avoid the accident, there are circumstances beyond your control.Some unreliable providers that are not authorised gable with their client’s health and they do not provide the helmets for them. That is not our case as we put emphasis on the traffic safety, the instruction of safety as well as the sense of security for safety Segway.

Our helmets are really safe and they have sufficient amount of the air holes. We will do our best for your security and it is up to you to observe the given rules to feel safe and enjoy your Segway tour through the city. Comfort and safety are not necessarily incompatible.