Explore the city of Prague with our free Prague map, provides our customers and at the same time visitors of Prague the opportunity how to get around the city comfortable, being accompanied by guides – maps, free wi-fi, maps of the public transport – which allow them to get to the destination in time and easy. Prague map is here for you – do not hesitate and go for it.

Be safe and sound with our free Prague map

Download the maps – Free Prague map

When you want to explore the ancient city which enables you understand the development and crucial moments from its history on your own or on a bike ride, it is always better to download the map of Prague via own list which is free of charge and offers you the chance how to get to know the city even better. There is a map of the Prague public transport, or the map for WI-FI and the other maps of Prague as well.

Be safe and sound with our Prague map

This service offers our client the safer and quicker orientation through the city and enables them to get as much from Prague as it is possible. When the visitor of Prague is for the first time in the city, it is really difficult to organize the tour via city and thanks to our maps it is always better to cope with the city tour in advance or in the case of getting lost there is no problem to use the maps or wi-fi.

Select and download Prague map:

  1. Prague map – Public transport – From Airport to City or back
  2. Prague map – Public transport – Metro (Undeground)
  3. Prague map – Public transport – Metro & Tram
  4. Prague map – Public transport – Metro & Bus
  5. Free Wi-Fi Prague map (11MB)

But when you arrange the Prague tour you should organize the details of the tour in advance to be prepared for such circumstances, such as the road diversion, closing day in a special museum, cinema, or the theatre to come to know the city even better and without delays and inconvenience.