The Coffee “Potmě” from Svetluska is now opened before the Palladium till the end of June 2016 (23rd of June 2016). Experience the world of people who are blind. You can experience on your own how these people cooperate with the waiter, how they orientate in the space, how they feel in the world where there are no colors, no shapes.

Feel the world of dark in Svetluska

People can see how feeling it is to be blind and solve the problems which accompany such ordinary situation how is for example drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Have a cup of coffee and put sugar into it, try to find to way to you cup of coffee and stir you drink with a spoon. There is also a blind operator who is registering people visiting the coffee In the Dark.

Experience the world of people who are blind

Get to know blind people

There are also voices for opening the coffee permanently as the thought of the coffee where you are in the leather of blind people is vivid and gets people thinking about the situation of the people who are somehow handicapped. This brings the society the sense of belonging which prevents them to bully them or to make fun of them. Most problems come from the lack of information and indifference to the needs and expectations of the other people.

Where to go to Svetluska

The Coffee “Potmě” is dark and you can get to the world of black and dark. You can taste the black which is dense and deep. This extraordinary coffee has staff which is exclusively made by blind people. This “Coffee Potmě” is opened again till the end of June since 10am to 09pm at the Republika square, Prague 1.

What to expect in “Coffee Potmě” from Svetluska?

There were such personalities on the opening of the coffee such as Robert Vano famous Czech photographer, Veronika Kubařová – young Czech actress, or well-known Czech actor Jan Potměšil. The program of the coffee is really rich as there is for example the exhibition of photos of blind people by Robert Vano etc.