Read TOP 4 Travel scams Prague list

As Prague is one of the most popular tourist places in Europe, there are also many scammers who could cost you lot of money if you are not careful. Before you go to Prague, don´t forget to check site with overview of most common scams in capital city of Czech Republic. Now let´s have a look at some things you should really be aware if you don´t want to lose your money.

Travel scams Prague – Illegally expensive taxi

This is probably the most known legend of Prague scammers since 1990s. If you decide to take taxi, always remember that there are laws and regulations about maximal price per kilometer of drive. Some taxi drivers however decided to overprice the ride when they see that you are foreigner. Here are few hints to remember:

  • Maximum price is 28 Kč (CZK) per 1 kilometer (approx. 1€/km)
  • Maximal boarding price is 40 Kč (CZK)
  • Waiting time cannot cost more than 6 Kč / minute
  • Taxi driver must always give you a bill
  • Try to find places with sign “Fair taxi” – these are under strict regulation of city hall

If you think you were scammed by taxi driver, try to remember license plate of the car and call police and show them the bill.

False police

Sometimes it occurs that a false policeman stops you, asking you to show him your money for a control. Never do it – Czech police is not authorized to do such a check. And even if they found false money, they would take you to the station and make proper investigation. The scammers will then seize your money, telling you that it´s false money. True Czech policeman wears a uniform with 6-digit ID number, a badge, and must show you ID card if you ask him to do so. If you are still in doubt, call 158, tell them ID number of the policeman and they will tell you whether he´s real or not.

Be careful at the bar

Sometimes when young lady scammers see a foreigner, they come to you and start conversation. Then they will ask you to order or do it by themselves very expensive drink or more drinks. Afterwards they pretend a need to make a phone call, so they disappear, telling you they will come back in a minute, but you will never see them again. The bill then may cost you several hundreds or even thousands Czech crowns.

Drug dealers

Well, drugs are bad, we all know that. Don´t try to buy anything from drug dealers, even if they look serious and speak English quite well. They will take your money and probably give you something absolutely, useless, but no real drugs. If you try to take it, you may even damage your health. And what more, holding drugs in Czech Republic is illegal. You could be in serious trouble if police caught you holding some drugs.