Prague is the centre of cultural, political, and economial life. And of the cultural and social events is definitely Prague Pride. This name stands for the parade of people who are homosexuals, transsexuals, and bisexuals. They call for freedom, love and liberty.

Prague Pride 2016 in City Centre

In the centre of Prague there was hold the main Prague Pride 2016 walk on 13th August. After the 1 pm the pride set of to Letna where the program of Prague Pride continued. The aim of Prague Pride was to emphasise the problem of gay, bisexuals, transsexual community. According the press there was up to 20 000 people in the event at the beginning and at Letna hill there were up to 40 000 people in here. During the Prague Pride they adored the people who were shot in a gay club in Orlando.

VIP who participated the Prague Pride

In the Prague Pride there was for example Karla Šlechtová or the Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová. The American ambassador Andy Schapiro took part in Prague Pride and Lejla Abbasova as well. During the first Prague Prides there were many incidents as the conservatives stated the action to be obscene, during the next Prague Prides the protests were not so huge and during the Prague Pride 2016 there were no incidents, however, some people in Prague are not very happy to see this action in the streets.

There could be seen the placard: “The God created a man and a woman” or “We choose the life no dead”. There is no need to say that the group of christian activist were against this parade.

Symbols and stars of Prague Pride

A lot of people who were participants of Prague Pride brought themselves the rainbow-coloured flags and other symbols of homosexuals, some of them came in very eccentric costumes, others were decorated by rainbow-coloured make up, by wigs or even balloons. The star of the Prague Pride was  definitely Omar Sharif junior, who is the grandson of famous Egyptian actor of the same name. During the Arabian spring in 2012 he came out of the closet. However, he had to leave his country due to his safety and since that time he became the activist.

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