Prague hotel with parking to feel safe and sound

Before the VIP Segway tour in Prague you can think about the beauty of Vyšehrad in one of luxurious hotels, such as Rezidence Vyšehrad, where you can enjoy your meal not only inside the restaurant, but you can relax at outside seating as well. In these Vyšehrad hotels you can find a comfortable accommodation in Prague and when yougot to Prague by car, you can use Prague hotel with parking to feel safe and sound. The garage of Rezidence Vyšehrad is open daily with a non-stop reception in the hotel and can be used by the guest of the hotel as well as non-residents. However, when the guests want to use the public transport, they can go to the tram stop or the metro station Vysehrad which is only a few minutes far from the hotel.

Rezidence Vyšehrad offers its guest comfortable accommodation in Prague the heart of the Czech Republic.

During our VIP Segway tours you will see Vyšehrad. This part of Prague belongs to the most notable places in Prague as a historical fort was located in here. The history of the fort goes back to the 10th  century. On the hill over the Vltava River there is the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul and the Vyšehrad cemetery where are buried world-famous people from the Czech history, for example a composer Bedřich Smetana, or Antonín Dvořák, a painter Alphonse Mucha, and a writer Karel Čapek.

In Vyšehrad there is situated the Prague’s oldest surviving building named the Rotunda of St Martin which was built in the 11th century.

After building of the Prague Castle by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th century, the old-fashioned castle Vyšehrad lost its importance. However, Charles IV built new fortifications with two gates as well as a royal palace. During the Hussite Wars, Vyšehrad was conquered and later deteriorated.  In the 17th century Vyšehrad underwent a great renovation and after the Thirty Years’ War the complex was remodelled into a Baroque fortress.

There are some legends related to this mysterious place. One of them indicates that this space was the location of the first settlement that later became the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague, however, there are no evidence about this legend. Vyšehrad is a fortified residence in these days and it is mostly rebuilt in a Baroque style. Another symbol of Vyšehrad is Church of Sts. Peter and Paul from the 11 th century which was rebuilt in the Neo-gothic style. And Vyšehrad itself became a part of the capital in 1883. Up to now Vyšehrad became a public park which is also popular for celebrations and recreation (it is a popular place for celebrating New Year’s).