In this way the Czech Republic join the other European country which have the same law. The law itself should protect non-smokers from smokers in the place of bars and restaurant and thus protect their health and sustain the needed comfort while being in these kinds of places.

Ban of smoking in bars and restaurants

Since 31st May 2017 there is smoking abandoned in the restaurants, bars in the whole Czech Republic. This deed had a long history as schools, theatres, cinemas, sports halls, and state administration offices, as well as bus and tram stops in the Czech Republic went smoke free on January 1, 2006.

Since 31st May 2017 there is smoking abandoned in the restaurants, bars in the whole Czech Republic

This law has failed in its attempt to protect non-smokers

Even though this las abandoned smoking in restaurants and public sites this was not effective as there was no private place for smokers. Police charged it only with a symbolic fine. For this reason in June 2009 the parliament approved a bill which regulated smoking in public places.

Is coming soon…

The previous attempts to ban smoking in restaurants and bars have failed and the law will come into force on 31st May 2017 which stands for the World No Tobacco Day. The law will effectively protect non-smokers from passive smoking. The amendments included the allowance of vaping in the venues and also the smoking in places that did not serve food.

42 deputies voted against the legislation but the rest including the members of TOP 09 and KSCM parties abstained. There is 17 members out of 28 members from EU which have comprehensive smoking-free laws. This ban is supported from three of four Czech polls. There are 28 per cent of Czech people. Opponents often argued that this law would cancel bars and restaurants mainly in the villages where people get together in these places.