New service: Airbnb Trips at Prague

Millions of users from all around the world can use the platform via which they are able to find their accommodation in more than 65 thousand cities in more than 190 countries. The service has already shaken the traditional hotel industry in many places and became the synonym for the new age of doing business. In November last year, Airbnb announced the start of its new service: Airbnb Trips at Prague. With this feature, customers can not only find a place to live, but they can also look for activities offered by local people. At first, trips were available for twelve cities but after the first wave of expansion, you can use this option for thirty cities and Prague is one of them.

What are „Trips“ All About?

Sightseeing, walking the streets and eating in local restaurants are great ways how to explore the city you are visiting. But if you want to make a step further, you will need to get more intimate with local people. Airbnb Trips is a great way how to do that. Activities offered by local people can be a true touch of authenticity and can show you the spirit of the city you are visiting in a detail much deeper than any visit to a thousand-year-old cathedral can offer. The service gained popularity quite quickly and the number of activities on the list is still on the rise as well as its positive evaluation. Therefore, if you want to explore the Prague in this way, find „Trips“ at Airbnb web and choose activities according to your taste.

The Best of Pragues´s Airbnb Trips or Get Your Guide deals?

„Prague´s craft brewery tour“

Beer is the Czech national product and the true part of country´s cultural heritage. Therefore, your visit to the Czech capital will not be complete without a tour in the small but traditional Czech beer. Your tour will be composed of the excursion to the production with the expert guide and tasting of the beer and traditional Czech cuisine.

„Bike tour to Karlštejn castle“

This is a classic. Karlštejn is one of the most famous Czech castles. Build in the 14th century by the Czech king and the Holy Roman emperor to protect country´s crown jewels. It is in reasonable distance from Prague and the bike tour through the Czech countryside enriched with the knowledgeable commentary seems like the great idea!

„Rowing on the Vltava river“

Prague´s panorama is breathtaking from the surface of the Vltava river. Why not to combine the watching it with some water sport? Rowing is the sport with a long tradition in the Czech Republic and it is no surprise that you can find a women´s U23 world champion as your guide and personal trainer.

„Explore the life of Prague´s homeless community“

It is clear that this activity is not for everyone but those who decide to join will get the strong experience and will not forget it for a long time. Homeless people are in every big city from LA to Tokyo and despite the fact that people sometimes pretend not to see them, they are real. The journey to understand this community can start in Prague with one of the Airbnb´s most unconventional trips.