Fast food is favourite everywhere in the world and Prague is no exception. There are plenty options how to get the fast food, be it in large fast food restaurants or in the local stall Fast food in Prague. Yes, McDonald Prague and other Fast foods are fast choice for daymeal.

McDonald Prague or KFC Prague?

Visit McDonald Prague

The largest fast food here is McDonalds Prague and this chain has 35 restaurants in the capital of the Czech Republic. These are at crowded sites in the centre. When McDonald Prague fast foods are located in the shopping mall and the petrol station, they are really cheap and it is better to find the nearest one which enables the fines quality food.

McDonald Prague or KFC Prague?

KFC is another fast food chain. They have also the delivery service in Prague and they expand to the rest of the Czech Republic. The meal is in this way more accessible to the customers. The food is based on fried chicken menu. If you order the meal for at least 200 CZK, the delivery is free of charge and it will be delivered in about 30 minutes. There are about 71 restaurants in the Czech Republic and 25 of them are in its capital.

McDonald Prague or other large fast food chains?

To the other great and sough-after McDonald Prague fast food chains belongs Olive Sokolovska which is self-service restaurant offering gyros, hummus bar, salad bar, coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner too. Subway Sandwiches started in 2003 and this is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain which owns more than 17,500 restaurants in all over the world. Bageterie Boulevard is the bageterie chain restaurant in Prague and it offers the delivery service too.

Other options for Fast food in Prague

However, if you are not the fan of the mega fast food chains, you can get a fast food from the local stall which has nice atmosphere or you can buy the hamburger or sausage from the window too.

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