Kampa Island Prague and floods in 2002

Kampa Island Prague was once marked by prestigious travel server as the world´s second most beautiful island. Tourists usually come here to find their peace, do a romantic trip or have a rest for a while. The northern part of the island is also called „Venice of Prague“ (because of the mills and the canals around).

From Kampa you would have a beautiful view at the Charles Bridge

Kampa island lies between two bridges, Most legií and Mánesův most, and is separated from Malá Strana (Lesser Town quarter) by the Čertovka (Devil´s Stream, a branch of the Vltava River). You may ask how this island was created – the first notes came from 1169 but there´s not much of it. After a big fire in the Lesser Town in 1541, huge amount of soil was gradually being brought here so the creating Kampa island could have been bigger and bigger and after some time the ground was firmed as well. Another fact from history – how was the island separated from the rest of the buildings in the Lesser Town? Kampa as we know it today was formed by the artificial flume for the mills (Čertovka)

Kampa Island Prague Mills

Speaking of mills, who is interested in a romantic and peaceful walks, here is the best place for him. Kampa island is full of the mills (mill Huť, Sova mills etc.), which offers the tourist extraordinary and calm moments that are honestly wonderful after walking in the chaotic and noisy center. You can find here historical gardens as well, for example Kaiserštejnská garden, where a famous villa (Dobrovského or Werichova vila) lies. From Kampa you would have a beautiful view at the Charles Bridge with private bike or eBike tour.

As for the interests, in Kampa you can see three Black babies, which were designed by David Černý and which are placed on the Žižkov Tower either. There is also John Lennon´s Wall – it´s a wall of Velkopřerovská garden, which was painted after John Lennon´s death by his fans. It´s covered with words inspired by him and his songs („Love & Peace – No War“) and the fans made Lenon´s portrait as well. The wall became a symbol of freedom and peace for the young people and despite of the communism, it survived.

Kampa Island Prague and floods in 2002

In 2002, Kampa has been affected by the floods. The water was so destructive that people tried to stop it with a huge amount of bags filled with sand. Unfortunately, the stream was too strong and they couldn´t have defended coming disaster. Most of the buildings were seriously damaged, some of them had to be pulled down. It´s said to be the biggest flood after the so called Big Flood in 1845. The flood affected all Prague, the metro was closed and people had to find their own way to get to work or they just stayed at home. It took a long time to return the city to a previous state and on some of the buildings we can still see the signs of this destructive flood from 2002.