Experience gliding via marvelous streets of the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague without any effort on a great Hugo bike Prague E-scooter tour. You will safe your time and even energy in this way of discovering the city which enables its visitors many splendid adventures.

Magical city with Hugo Bike Prague

During the tour you will see the most important sights of the city of Prague and you do not have to worry about riding your E-scooter as there is a special training session before each of the tours. You can look forward to Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle and Wenceslas Square.

Important information from Hugo Bike Prague

You can book the tour every day of a week. Hugo bike Prague arranges private tour for two to twelve people. The tour takes three hours and you can look forward to the experienced guide who is able to speak in Czech, English and German language.

What to have with Hugo Bike Prague

To each of the E-scooter there is granted a helmet, a lock, a map, and of course water for your refreshment. In case you prefer individual renting you will pay 1,000 Czech crowns for three hours. For each E-scooter you have to pay the deposit 100€ or 2,500 CZK.

Hugo bike Prague arranges private tour for two to twelve people

Are there any limits of the Hugo Bike Prague tour?

When riding E-scooter you are given the status of a cyclist so you can use a cycle path and a road as well. The user of the E-scooter shoud have at least 15 years (he or she has to be accompanied by his/her parent) and the weight is up to 100 kg. Before each tour and renting of the E-scooter there is a special training for using the E-scooter and testing ride for free.


  1. Hugo Bike eScooter tour: 3 hours with guide: 60€ per person
  2. Hugo Bike eScooter rent: 3 hours (No guide): 40€ per person (+ 100€/per person deposit)


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