History of Prague: Charles Bridge Statues

Visitors of Prague can admire thirty statues which are mounted to the balustrade of Charles Bridge Prague.

Visitors of Prague can admire thirty statues which are mounted to the balustrade of Charles Bridge Prague. They are situated on both sides of the bridge. Majority of them were installed on Charles Bridge during years 1706 – 1714. Aristocrats, the Church and the City of Prague as well as universities were in charge of commission the statues.

Statues that are can be seen on the south side of the bridge

Statue of St. Ivo

The original statue was sculpted by Matthias Braun in 1711 and St. Ivo is known as the patron saint of all lawyers (therefore allegorical depiction of Justice is in attendance on him).

Statues of saints Barbara, Margaret and Elizabeth

These statues were made by Ferdinand Brokoff in 1707 (even though there can be seen an inscription – made by Jan Brokoff). According to the style of the statues it is evident that his son is the author.

Statue of the Lamentation of Christ on Charles Bridge

In Czech “sousoší Piety” – the statue was designed by Emanuel Max in 1858 and the Lamentation of Christ shows Mary Magdalene with the Virgin Mary. These two are mourning for the Christ who is already dead. This spot was originally decorated by a wooden crucifix. Unfortunately, it was wrecked by a flood in 1496. And nearly two centuries later in 1695 the statue of the Lamentation of Christ (which was made by Jan Brokoff) was set up at this place.

Statue of St. Joseph

Statue of St. Joseph on the Charles Bridge was designed by Josef Max and represents St. Joseph who leads a little Christ (originally there was a statue depicting this motif which was made by Jan Brokoff (this motif was heavily devastated by cannon fire during the revolution year 1848). The contemporary statue was erected here in 1854.

Statue of St. Francis Xavier

This is a replica from 1913 which was made by Ceněk Vosmík (the original sculpture is by Ferdinand Brokoff). This original fell into the Vltava River in 1890 because of floods.The sculpture shows the Indian and also Japanese princes who are being baptized by St. Francis Xavier.

Statue of St. Christopher

This piece of art was designed by Emanuel Max in 1857 and it represents St Christopher who is holding Christ as a boy on his shoulder. It was sculpted by Matthias Braun at Prag sightseeing.

Statue of St. Francis Borgia

This piece of art shows St. Borgia who was a Jesuit priest, who is accompanied by two angels.

Statue of St. Ludmila

Unfortunately there is no evidence about the date and the author of the statue for Prag sightseeing. On the other hand, Matthias Braun is believed to be the author (around 1730). Before this statue the statue of St Wenceslas was situated in here until 1784 (when it was badly damaged by the floods and replace by the statue of St. Ludmila). The statue at Prag sightseeing represents St. Ludmila who is teaching her grandson, St. Wenceslas and the lower part depicts the relief sculpture in which there is the murder of St. Wenceslas.

Statue of St. Francis of Assissi

The statue on Prag sightseeing was made by Emanuel Max in 1855 and this depicts St. Francis who is standing with two neoclassic angels. There was a similar statue at this place before this statue.

Statue of Saints Vincent Ferrer and Procopius + Bruncvík column

This piece of art belongs to one of the most significant statues on the bridge. This was made by Ferdinand Brokoff in 1712. St. Vincent stands on the left side of the statues. And there is Saint Procopius of Sázava who can be found on the right hand and he is standing on a devil.