In the city of Prague there are so many attractions to see, admire, and there is no wonder that people need the place to have a rest and refresh themselves. There are so many restaurants, bars, coffees to choose. However, there is taken for granted that those which offer local food and Czech cuisine are the most favorite ones. The tourist usually eager try something which is typical for the destination and which could enrich their experience with local people. The food is one of the ways how to do it.

Sough-after markets with local products and food

For this reason there is no wonder that Ham-scam which are really sough-after markets with local products and food as well. In the menu there is also grilled smoked pork ham that is so delicious that it worths tasting it. Accordint to the valid regulation there have to be written the price for the weight or the amount. So it is advisable to check properly for which weight the price is stated (at meat the price is usually for 100 grams).

Which problem can become on Prague Street Markets?

Is there any problem? The price of the food is usually from 80 to 110 Czech crowns for 100 grams. And the problem should become if you will not declare how much food you would like to have. In this case they can give you up to 500 grams of meat which will cost you about 500 Czech crowns for your order. There is always better say how much meat you would like to have, for example: “I would like to have 150 grams only”. There is evident that the man should be attentive in any situation and do not have to be ashamed about telling the exact weight or amount of the food which will be served to him or her.


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