Are you aware of Oskar Fleisher, Jan Palach, or Klement Gottwald? Do you know something the area of Communism in Czechoslovakia? Did you learn about the fifty years of a totalitarian regime after WWII? Are you eager to get to know some facts and hidden stories about this part of the history of Czechoslovakia? This tour will enable you to get closer to understanding of this historical period?

The traces of communism in Czechoslovakia and WWII

There are three hours being prepared just for you and our highly experienced and willing guide will be your leader during the journey. We will enter the journey on Národní Street where you will hear the story about students who were stopped by the use of violence on 17th November 1989 (this was the beginning of the end of the communist phase in the history of Czech nation). After that you will get to know about Czech paratroopers Gabčík and Kubiš who successfully assassinated Reinhard Heydrich who was a brutal man who was in charge of many atrocious actions during the age of Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia during WWII.

Wenceslas square stands for the site where many demonstrations took place against the communism. The former headquarters of Gestapo of Prague will be introduced to the visitors of Prague. The tour goes on to the Old Town Square of Jewish quarter to which relate some other stories and deeds.

The Jewish history and monuments will be seen in different eyes as the Nazis hated the nation and they wanted to wipe it off the face of the earth. The Jewish quarter stands for the monument of Nazis terror and the effort to reshape the face of the world. This effort was similar to other dictatorship – the communism.


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