Prague weather in the summer is generally the most suitable for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the city outside and want to explore the most of its historical treasury on their own, on Segway tour, or on a bike. As the visitors do not have to worry about the cold and rainy weather in the season of a year.

Prague weather in the summer is mild, warm and not very wet

The temperature for Prague weather in the summer

Prague weather in the summer is mild, warm and not very wet. In general there can be observed July to be one of the warmest months of the year in Prague (which is the capital of the Czech Republic). The average temperature is from 17°C and 22°C during the day, however, the temperature lows to 12°C when it is dark outside. The temperature rises up to 18.5°C at the end of July with the temperatures of 24°C during the day and it lows of 13°C after dark.

So the end of July is the best time of the year when you should visit and explore the city as the temperatures are highest. The hottest temperatures ever recorder in Prague during the day are 36°C, and the coldest one which have ever been noticed in the city at this time of a year is 2°C.

Prague weather with longer days, shorter nights

Also the day is generally longer during the summer season so everyone can enjoy the spell of the city longer. There is for example the longest day of July on 1st of July which takes 16:19 hours of daylight. There is average 11 hours of sunshine each day of the month and there are about 18 wet days at this period of a year. You do not have to worry about snow in the summer.