Join our Prague coffee tour. You will discover that coffee is more than black liquid. Come and find out the history of magic drink and follow its history through our gorgeous and inspiring journey via Prague! Maybe you will learn several facts about coffee, its culture, tradition, and last but not least history.

The short description of the Prague coffee tour

The coffee tour will show you around the history of coffee, its spreading around medieval Europe or how it got to America and the role of coffee in American economy. And what about history of getting to know coffee in Prague? What about the locals – did they get use t it? The tour will open you chances where to get a great cup of excellent coffee and you will be given a brief course how to taste a cup of coffee.

What to learn with Prague coffee tour?

If you are into coffee, the tour is suitable just for you! Discover its inspiring history and mystery that led to popularity of this black liquid that is so beloved through the entire world. You will learn about its history in Prague and about its integration to the everyday life of the citizens. The cherry on the top will be the lesson how to recognize the unique character of a cup of coffee in a professional manner. We are really convinced that out coffee tour will show the world of coffee and you will look at this stimulating drink in different eyes.

Our stops with Prague coffee tour

The coffee tour starts at Krizovnicke namesti in Prague and you will encounter the footsteps site of famous cafes which come from the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. The most favourite Prague cafes will be visited and sipping your favourite drink you will learn about the history of café. Enjoy your drink!


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