The Czechoslovakia WW2 Prague tour from annexation to liberation of the nation and about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich is the tour which shows the bad days of Czech nation. There is the feeling of the terror of Nazi occupation and the brave fight of the city against the Nazi invaders. After the Munich betrayal the Czech got to know that they have to fight for their liberty.

Get back in time with Czechoslovakia WW2 Prague tour

Get back to these dark times and visit the battleground of Old Town and witness the wrath of Nazi propaganda. Find out where the last hidden Prague resistance existed; discover the brave British men who get to Protectorate Czech and Moravia to kill the Nazi monster who was dangerous, pitiless and the designer of the final solution of the Jewish question – Reinhard Heydrich.

About Czechoslovakia WW2 tour itself

During the tour you will discover some of the street of the capital of the Czech Republic which experienced the German military parades, its influence, stress and dark power during the occupation of Czechoslovakia. Watch the damaged Old Town Hall with Prague barricades after the Uprising against German troops. And when you want to experience the terror on your own you can find out more about awesome spy game of the British secret service and the Czech resistance. Get to know more astonishing details about the assassination of the head of Nazi SS and SD forces Reinhard Heydrich and also about its immense consequences. Are you interested in the underground resistance in the Old Town? You can.

Organisation of the Czechoslovakia WW2

The tour is available daily at 10 am and 2 pm. There is no need to book the tour in advance and you will pay after the tour in case you will be satisfied.

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