Czech restaurant in Prague – Platina

When you visit the capital of the Czech Republic you should taste food which is served in one of the most Luxury restaurant in Prague . There are plenty of them so why not invite great Czech restaurant in Prague– Platina Restaurant and Garden?


Its attractive location and surroundings

This place belongs to the most convenient located restaurants in Prague and can be found near Betlémská kaple (where Jan Hus used to proclaim his thesis) or Laterna Magica where you can enjoy yourself visiting one of a great performances, or the National Theatre which stands for a heart of Czech nationalisms and revival of the Czech nation in the 19th century. The living history talks its stories when you calm down and listen to it.


The magical atmosphere of Czech Restaurant in Prague Platina

There are much more interesting sights and many places of interest which makes the atmosphere of this Luxury restaurant in Prague even more appealing. The historical places and monuments contribute to the spell of this part of Prague and its restaurants.


Have a nice time relaxing in a luxury restaurant

When you wandered a long time through the spectacular places and historical sights a luxury Czech restaurant in Prague comes in handy. It is an island of peace and quiet inside a busy city. For this reason you can enjoy a calm atmosphere and comfortable equipment together with the delicious food and friendly staff. However, there are much more that only these attractive ingredients. There is also a garden that lures you to a daydreaming and thinking about the atmosphere of the ancient times. So try visiting this luxury restaurant in Prague and you will have another memorable experience from your visit of the capital of the Czech Republic.