Czech cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of the neighbourhood countries. Contemporary Czech cuisine is more meat-based and consists of two or more courses. In the fist there is soup and the second course is the main dish, the third one can be dessert or compote.

Goulas is made of beef, pork or game with onions or spices

Top in Czech cuisine is Svíčková

Roast pork with dumplings and cabbage is taken as the most typical Czech dish and the cabbate is cooked or pickled, it can be from sour to sweet. Marinated sirloin or Svíčková is the name for the sauce and the beef meat which is served as the dish in cream. Braised beef with the svíčková sauce is made of carrot parsley root, celeriac and often cream. This is eaten with “knedlíky” – dumplings – whipped cream and cranberry compote with a slice of lemon.

Czech cuisine with Goulash

Goulas is made of beef, pork or game with onions or spices. It can be with cabbage or potatoes and it is served with dumplings or bread. Czech guláš is not Hungarian gulyás that is more soup than Czech goulash.

Extra Czech cuisine – Potatoe pancake

Bramboráčky or potatoe pancake are pan-fried potato pancakes and they are tasteful with a glass of beer. One has to prepare four large potatoes, three cloves garlic which is crushed, salt and black pepper, one pinch dried marjoram, two teaspoons caraway seeds, two eggs, one tablespoon milk, three tablespoons all-purpose flour, oil for frying.

Sweat meals with Czech cuisine

Fruit dumplings are traditional Czech cuisine with the fruit inside the dumplings. They are boiled and yeast so they are not considered to be low-calorie. Favourite trdelník belongs to the Czech cuisine too. It is a traditional cake and sweet pastry which is made of rolled dough which is wrapped around a stick and after this it is grilled and topped with sugar or walnut mix.