A new kind of game for those who want to live an adventurous and interesting life, explore new worlds and face challenges which will put to the test their characters, quick thinking and creativity. Our unique game will not only entertain you and make you use your brain, but it will also lead you to Prague’s magical places. In an active and fun way you will get to know facts you had no idea about.

These details you will remember forever

The game is a combination of fun, adrenalin, once in a lifetime experiences and time spent with friends or family. It is perfect for anyone with an open mind who wants to enjoy a day full of fun and at the same time get to know something about the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Mission Cryptovirus – Save the World!

Crazy scientist Asymmetros programmed a dangerous new kind of virus – Cryptovirus – to destroy the world. In 3 hours, the virus will attack central servers of the world armies and set off nuclear warheads. Given how little time is left, the government authorities asked the public to help with getting the key that will deactivate the virus.
Do you accept this challenge?

Set out on a mission you must accomplish within 3 hours. Step by step you will be overcoming obstacles and moving from checkpoint to checkpoint in the heart of Prague using your brain, imagination, shrewdness and common sense.

The only things you need are your legs, brain, determination to play and basic knowledge of English. We will give you a map and provide you with a bag filled with mysteries, codes and brain-teasers, as well as manage everything.

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