Each two months you can fly with Hangar Bar Prague to new VIP destinations such as Hawaii, Rio De Janero or New York… Fly with Hangar Bar and get amazing meals and coctails typical for given country. They have regular flights to BERMUDA in May and June and SOUTH SEA ISLES in July and August.

Hangar bar Prague – Interview with Manager

What are some of the challenges of being a bar manager?
The biggest challenge is building a good team. The team that supports you as much as you support them. We still have to keep on improving everythnig in our business, reassessing, coming up with new ideas, being original and unique so we can attract new guest.

What is the background of Hangar Bar Prague?

Hangar Bar is an enterprise of our two owners, who both love aviation and airplanes. Inspiration for the design of this bar comes from no longer existing aviation company called Pan Am. Everything you can see in Hangar Bar is authentic. Even the uniforms that our beautifull waitresses wear designed by one of our owners.

What makes Hangar Bar Prague unique?

First of all it is our staff with their individual and always professional approach to every single guest. You may ask how is possible at 2 AM when the place is packed. I have to say that sometimes i tis a tough job but our team was very carefully chosen and each and one of them is a professional and as a team they are just great.

Inspiration for the design of this bar comes from no longer existing aviation company called Pan Am

Secondly I have to say that what differes Hangar from others is the approach of the owners and management. I think that there are plenty of people in Czech who run a bar, restaurant or a pub and when you ask them „why“ 95% of them will tell „just to make money“. Of course that we consider profit as a vital part of the business but the love we have for this job is as crucial for us. We always try to make Hangar friendlier, better and to offer extra service as you would get on first class intercontinental flight.

What are the specifics of your first class service?

Over the weekends you can meet hostess with a trolley and you can have a „shot on the house“. Each Thursday we have a live rockabilly band. During the performance breaks our hostesses serve delicious hot dogs. And if you make a diner reservation in Hangar we weill have a little surprise for you. I am not going to tell you what, come and see for yourself.


Hangar bar Prague

Dušní 9/9
110 00, Praha 1

+420 724 004 305


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 5:00 P.M. – 4:00 A.M.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 5:00 P.M. – 6:00 A.M.

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