The Charles Bridge Prague was constructed in the 10th century and it makes it the oldest bridge in Prague and the second one in Czech Republic (the oldest bridge is in Písek).

The brief history of the Charles Bridge Prague

There used to be the bridge at the same place and was made of loges tied together. However, in the 10th century it was replaced by a wooden bridge which was torn down by floods. The first stone bridge over the Vltava River was built in the reign of Vladislav (12th century) and was named after his wife Judith. Unfortunately it was damaged by floods too (1342).

The today’s name of the Charles bridge Prague

Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV. let the bridge erected and the work was finished in 1405. Since then the bridge became a significant part of many European trade trips. But its name was used after 500 years thanks to the initiative of Karel Havlíček Borovský.

Interesting facts about Charles bridge Prague

  • The bridge is about 515 meters long and nearly ten meters wide.
  • The bridge is constructed from 16 arches.
  • Floods damaged the bridge for many times and in 1844 stairs were built to Kampa (and replaced the original ones).
  • Public transport led via the bridge in 1883 (horse-drawn tram, later electrified tram).
  • Since 1965 cars were banned on the bridge.
  • There are about 30 sculptural groups.
Kampa island Prague under Charles Bridge Prague

It is the island which is in the neighborhood of the Charles Bridge and it is separated from Lesser Town by Čertovka which is the Vltava’s arm. Čertovka used to be a millrace for many years and the most famous mill is the Priory mill. The name Kampa was used in the second half of 18th century and means a flat field or plain.

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