Activities in Prague

Activities in Prague

Prague and its accessibility for disabled people

♿ Prague and its accessibility for disabled people

The historic centre of Prague - People with restricted mobility can visit the historic centre of the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, as it is quite well accessible for them. Prague Heritage Reservation for dislable people However, getting around can be...
Czech Prague out

What to do in Prague? Check CzechPragueOut

CzechPragueOut is tourist consultancy, which specializes in building and reviewing trip itineraries. Our clients do not have to spend hours researching sights, museums, tours, transportation and restaurants before coming to Prague, because it is done for them. They will...
CrackPrague – a unique outdoor game in the style of escape game

Enjoy absolutely Best outdoor Escape game in Prague

A new kind of game for those who want to live an adventurous and interesting life, explore new worlds and face challenges which will put to the test their characters, quick thinking and creativity. Our unique game will not...
Visit Prague Christmas market

Visit Prague Christmas market at the Old Town Square

The Prague Christmas Market stand for the main attraction in the winter time. The most sought-after ones are definitely at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The charming spell of the festive atmosphere, strolling through the streets which are...
Things to do in Prague at night

Things to do in Prague at night

The real fun starts when the sun disappears. This statement is 100 % true especially in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic and one of the most famous and popular tourist places in middle Europe. This city starts...
Prague Pride 2016

Prague Pride 2016 – It´s normal

Prague is the centre of cultural, political, and economial life. And of the cultural and social events is definitely Prague Pride. This name stands for the parade of people who are homosexuals, transsexuals, and bisexuals. They call for freedom,...
Extreme archery Prague - new adrenalin game with the bows and arrows!

Extreme archery Prague – new adrenalin game with the bows and arrows!

What is it about Extreme archery Prague? This is a hot new in a freetime and entertaining activities. Are you bored with classic team fights using unrealistic guns and common rules? Extreme-Archery is conceptually returned to the roots when the...
Untraditional tourism - master Prague on your own with www.Prague.Today

Untraditional tourism – master Prague on your own

Are you already tired of traditional tourist program with strict schedule and no possibility to enjoy something on your own with Untraditional tourism style? Prague is not only about going sightseeing with group of other tourists. Below we bring...

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