The bombing of Prague happened on 14th February 1945. These were Americans who were responsible for this deed. Prague used to be the capital of Czechoslovakia and since the beginning of WWII the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. And according to the American pilots this was a pitiful mistake. At the same time the massive bombing of Dresden occurred about one hundred kilometres far from Prague.

The American Air Force dropped 152 tons of bombs to high populated areas of Prague

The Bombing of Prague – The results of the pitiful mistake

The American Air Force dropped 152 tons of bombs to high populated areas of Prague – including Vyšehrad, Zlíchov, Karlovo náměstí, or Vinohrady. And thus 701 people lost their lives and more than one thousand of them were wounded. These people were not soldiers but civilians. Approximately one hundred houses or places were destroyed and about two hundred were damaged. None of them was the factory in the use of the Wehrmacht. However, such historical jewels as the Emmaus Monastery, Faust House, or Vinohrady Synagogue were heavily destroyed. Instead of them there were built such houses as the Dancing House (which represents the modern architecture), or the Emauzy church.

The Bombing of Prague – The circumstances of the raid

The American took pity on this deed many times in history and there should be said that the 398th Bombardment Group based at RAF Nuthampstead which was responsible for the raid gave the evidence that this was an accident. Firstly the radar navigation did not function well and thanks to the high winds there occurred the error of about 70 miles. For this reason the city of Prague was mistaken to be Dresden as the view of the air was very similar with rivers stretching in both of them. This was a blind attack with using the radar.