The bohemian Crown Jewels or Czech Crown Jewels in St Vitus Cathedral consist of the Crown of Saint Wenceslas, the royal orb and sceptre, the coronation vestments of the Kings of Bohemia, the gold reliquary cross, and St. Wenceslas’ sword. They were kept in Prague or Karlstejn Castle. These were designed by Matthias of Arras in the 14th century and since 1791 they are housed in St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle. The crown itself was created for the coronation of Charles IV in 1347 (thus it belongs to the fourth oldest one in the whole Europe).

The Crown of Saint Wenceslas in St Vitus Cathedral

The crown was made of 22-carat gold and precious stones (19sapphires, 30 emeralds, 44 spiels, 1 ruby, 1 rubellite, and 1 aquamarine) and pearls. The height of the crown is nearly 2,5 kilos. At the top of the crown there is the cross in which there is a thorn from the Christ’s crown of thorns.


St Vitus Cathedral – The Royal sceptre

The Royal sceptre is made of 18-carat gold with an extra large spinel mounted on the top of the sceptre. The Royal orb is made of 18-carat gold, sapphires, spinels, pearls and weight about 780 g and depicts the wrought relief from the Old Testament and the Book of Genesis. The Coronation robe was used to 1836 and was made from precious silky red material called zlatohlav. The robe is housed in a special air conditioned repository.