AC Sparta Prague soccerway

The club has won 36 domestic league titles

AC Sparta Prague soccerway football team is a member of Association Club Sparta Prague. The club was based in Prague and belongs to the most successful ones in the Czech Republic and also in Central Europe, it was winning the Central European Cup for three times and have reached the semi-finals of the European Cup (EUFA Champions League in these days) or the European Cup Winners Cup.

The club has won 36 domestic league titles

The club and its triumphs and success

The club has won 36 domestic league titles – the Czech Cup and the Czech Super cup two times. The AC Sparta Prague used to the the source of the national pride, however, in recent years this is not true because a lot of outstanding Czech players are in higher-paying foreign leagues. The club plays at Prague’s Generali Arena (which is also named Letná Stadium).

Interesting information about AC Sparta Prague soccerway

The name Sparta was derived from the ancient city of Sparta and their fighting spirit and courage. The colour of the team were blue (which is the symbol of speed, sport), red and yellow (which are colours of Royal City of Prague). Since 1906 the players have typical red colours on their shirts (as one member of a committee brought it from his trip to England. The other symbol of a team is capital S (and therefore the football team Sparta and Slavia Prague are usually named the Prague S).

Three stars above its crest for AC Sparta Prague soccerway

As AC Sparta Prague has won for more than 30 times in national league they have three stars above its crest. Now they need another 10 league titles to add another star. But the players must more concentrate on this goal as they look rather models than players.