Out of Prague

Out of Prague

Day trips from Prague

TOP 2 Day trips from Prague

Prague has a lot of to offer, however, if you want to explore the surrounding of the city, you can choose the one day trips from Prague, for example to Kutná Hora or Český Krumlov. There are many interesting...
Lidice WW2 monument

Lidice in WW2

Lidice іѕ a lіttlе village ѕіtuаtеd nоrthwеѕt of the саріtаl оf thе Czесh Republic. Thе village is built near the ѕіtе whісh wаѕ nаmеd Lidice and ассоrdіng to thе оrdеrѕ from Adolf Hіtlеr and Rеісhѕführеr SS Hеіnrісh Hіmmlеr it wаѕ...
Kutna Hora – the second most import town of medieval times

Kutna Hora – the second most import town of medieval times

The town Kutna Hora is located about 70 kilometres east from the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague above the brook Vrchlice. The town offer unique medieval or Baroque architecture and also a great number of archeological findings....

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