Deals of the Month

Deals of the Month

Prague Welcome Card

Extra offer: Prague Welcome Card

Vіѕіt the highlights of Prаguе аnd rесеіvе dіѕсоuntѕ оn lеіѕurе activities with Prague Welcome Card. Enjоу the соnvеnіеnсе оf 72 hоurѕ оn thе Prаguе рublіс transport tо get around Aссеѕѕ tons оf museums, monuments аnd gаllеrіеѕ fоr frее. Thе Prague...
Come and join our delicious Wine tour Prague

Wine tour Prague – walking tour

Even though Prague is often linked to bear which is world-famous, this is Wine tour Prague which used to be often seen in Prague during medieval times. You will learn about the laws vine-growers who had to obey the rules...
Explore the city by bike with City Bike Prague

Explore the city by bike with City Bike Praha

City Bike Prague stands for the company which is experiences and can fulfil the customer’s need as it is in existence since 2001. The English speaking guides are able to speak with the foreigners fluently. All the city rides...
drive Ferrari in Prague

Drive Ferrari in Prague with your friends from 159€ (No Car deposit)

Is the city which lies in the heart of Europe appealing? Do you want to take the drive, joy and speed into the ancient city? Do you want to feel fresh air in your hair? Drive Ferrari in Prague or...
Taxi Prague or UBER in Prague

Taxi Prague or UBER in Prague?

UBER in Prague is the service which is the great alternative effort taxi drivers who want to cheat their customers. When you are in the city of Prague for the first time you can use the taxi drivers, but...
Arrange one day trip from Prague to Karlovy vary or Dresden

Arrange one day tripfrom Prague to Karlovy vary Karlovy vary or Dresden

One of the greatest tips where to go from Prague to Karlovy vary Town which stands for a place where you can sip natural hot springs. Another place that does not lie in the Czech Republic but it is quite near...
VIP Rolls Royce tour Prague

VIP Rolls Royce tour Prague

Do you want to get pampered? Do you enjoy luxury and delight Rolls Royce tour Prague? Do you want to explore the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague – from the finest car ever? Do not hesitate and...
Best 2 E-bike tours Prague in the great city in Europe

Best 2 E-bike tours Prague in the great city in Europe

When you get to the great and magnificent city of Prague you will want to get to know it as well as you can. And if you rush into the city on your own, there is a great risk...

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