Best shooting locations in Prague

Best shooting locations in Prague

Do you want to take a photo which will be so unique as the city of Prague definitely is? Do you want to track the atmosphere and the soul of Prague? In this case find the best shooting locations in Prague! In...
Starbucks in Prague

Sit down and enjoy your cup with Starbucks in Prague

Visit Starbucks in Prague. Starbucks is in existence since 1971 and it is world-famous for its finest Arabica coffee. The coffee cherries are picked when they are red and ripe. Starbucks buy the beans which grow at higher altitudes...
FREE Prague Metro map PDF file

FREE Download: Prague Metro map PDF file

The Prague Metro is used to carrying about 600 million people per year. Prague Metro is so favourite as it is fast, clean, efficient, and typical means of transport for Prague. Prague Metro consists of three lines which are...
St. Nicholas Church No.2 and Nerudova Street

St. Nicholas Church No.2 and Nerudova Street

Church of St Nicholas in the Lesser Town is a perfect example of Bohemian Baroque architecture. It lies in the Lesser Town Square, at the bottom of the famous Nerudova Street, which leads right up to the Castle. Originally, there...
Prague is one of the most charming tourism destinations

Prague: One of the most inspiring tourism cities in the world

The capital of the Czech Republic belongs to the most beautiful tourism cities in the world as it is the 22nd most frequently seen town all over the world and at the same time Prague is the ninth most...
Public transportation Prague

Public transportation Prague – tickets

Public transportation Prague tickets and passes are very easy to buy. For the single-trip tickets there are used two types of them: thirty minute tickets to buy for 24 CZK (adults for 24 CZK, children 6-15 12 CZK, children...
Amusement caused by the Saturday’s incident

Prague Castle: Amusement caused by the Saturday’s incident

It is said that the popularity of the president of the Czech Republic rise after the Saturday’s incident of the Ztohoven artistic group which put a big red boxer short at the roof of the Prague Castle on the...

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