Travel Scams in Prague – Safe travelling

This article is not linked only with Prague. Some travel scams, tricks and deceptions one can observe not only in Prague but these are tricks and deceptions all over the world. It is necessary to realise that you have...
Public transportation Prague

Public transportation Prague – tickets

Public transportation Prague tickets and passes are very easy to buy. For the single-trip tickets there are used two types of them: thirty minute tickets to buy for 24 CZK (adults for 24 CZK, children 6-15 12 CZK, children...
Prague - Capital of the Czech Republic

Prague – Capital of the Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is named Prague. The legend says that the name was given to the city according to the door stone on the River Vltava or according to the door sill. The other legend says...
Where to stay in Prague

TOP list – Where to stay in Prague and enjoy it here

Where to stay in Prague and enjoy it here? When staying in Prague you should be aware of different districts, for example Prague 1 is the heart of the historic sights and tourists (Old Town Square and the Prague...
Being in Prague for two days

Being in Prague for two days

When you have only 48 hours in the beautiful city of Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, you can follow this itinerary in order to be sure that you will not miss any interesting sight of this city. Being in...
Starbucks in Prague

Sit down and enjoy your cup with Starbucks in Prague

Visit Starbucks in Prague. Starbucks is in existence since 1971 and it is world-famous for its finest Arabica coffee. The coffee cherries are picked when they are red and ripe. Starbucks buy the beans which grow at higher altitudes...
Volkswagen Marathon Prague 2016

Volkswagen Marathon Prague 2016

Some info about Volkswagen Marathon Prague 2016? Czech people love sports very much and running is no exception! In addition, there are several favourite marathons with the national attendance which bears witness about the favour of running and about the...

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